What is a cookie?
When you visit or use YoungCRM’s app a cookie will be stored on your computer, mobile device or tablet.

A cookie is a text file which is saved in your browser in order to recognize your computer, mobile device or tablet when you make a return visit to our site. There is no personal information saved in the cookies and they cannot contain virus or malware. Almost all websites utilize cookies to some extent. The Cookies are stored on your device for your own good to ensure you can easily find websites you have previously visited. Most often they help analyze how the website is used in order to improve the user experience of the website. In some cases, cookies can be mandatory in order to deliver a certain feature on a website or in a YoungCRM app.

Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a webserver and includes information such as your user settings, saved logins, how the service is used, and language preference.

If you wish to no longer receive cookies you can block all cookies and delete existing cookies from your computer, mobile device or tablet. However, you should note that if you refuse cookies you might not be able to utilize certain functions in the YoungCRM service.

How do I avoid cookies?
If you do not wish to receive cookies you can, as mentioned before, block all cookies and delete existing cookies from your computer, mobile device or tablet, or choose to receive a warning before a cookie is saved on your computer.

What are cookies on YoungCRM used for?
To map out who uses our digital services we use cookies to analyze user data and related statistics. This way we are given the opportunity to adapt and alter content and services in a way that matches you and your fellow user’s interests and demands. Below you can see the purposes of the cookies located in the YoungCRM service.

3. party cookies.
YoungCRM uses technically required cookies, preference cookies, statistical cookies and cookies which improve the user experience on These types of cookies can be placed by 3rd parties.

It is possible to use a Facebook or google login to YoungCRM’s login system, however, it is not a requirement. It is the user itself who chooses if he or she wishes to utilize this functionality. If this is done, Google and Facebook will receive technical data about your browser, IP-address and Facebook and Google will be able to match this data with your profile. The processing of data done by Google and Facebook is purely a matter between the user and Google and Facebook and has nothing to do with YoungCRM.


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